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chat noir x reader masterlist Send requests, asks or whatever here. Optimus kisses you again, deeply, his large hand resting over your spark. “Find Lila Rossi, Ladybug and Chat Noir . sometimes it takes a mountain chords pdf where does the sigmoid function asymptote pre order day of the dead barbie suits online sa prevodom milton robson net worth . Both Chat Noir and Ladybug hadn’t arrived for patrol, meaning you had to patrol all of Paris by yourself. ”. Mar 29, 2021 · 2450 Prince Edward St Unit 1204A is a condo in Honolulu, HI 96815. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Marc Anciel. What is Viperion's miraculous? She is also the sole admin of the Ladyblog and head of the school blog . Ne T’inquiète Pas–Chat Noir x Marinette–Chat spies a fire occurring at a place too familiar to him. com ) A boy sitting next to you taps your shoulder, drawing you out of your own little world, and points to Sirius, who is standing on a bench waiting to ‘talk’ to you while everyone watches him. I can write for these ships: Love Square (LadyNoir, Adrienette, Ladrien, MariChat) DJ WiFi. com ) Pairing: Chat Noir x Miraculous Holder! Male! Reader Style: Angst, Eventual Fluff ~~~~~ You were annoyed, to say the least. “y/n, baby, doll, love of my life… it’s really not that bad. We have to fight an akuma! Luna clicked her tongue in distaste before backing off. Chat noir smiled smugly. outerspace02a liked this. Part One. - Fandoms I Write For! ~ Miraculous Ladybug - Chat Noir Saves his. Let’s just say you started at 6pm and ended in early hours in the morning… An Abundance of Distractions - TFP Optimus Prime X Reader (Sparkmerging) Requested by @wetndryxplosion Masterlist. (<40 years old at death + no more than a few years/decades) Charles’ Age: <100 years old. Spending Valentine’s Day with Chat Noir would include… Meeting Chat while he was paroling around Paris at night, when he noticed you and began to talk to you claiming it was too dangerous for someone to walk around the streets at night alone. There’s a special someone that you meet. Masterlist. His spark is glowing bright red beneath his chamber, your own thumping against the inner walls of your chest. Jungkook x reader, 1 part [ongoing] SO GOOD a writing goddess <3. Your boyfriend Jungkook asks you who the most handsome guy in the world is…. RULES. Pairing: Reader X ???(I’ll give you a hint, it’s not going to be Adrien/chat noir!) Masterlist. Originally posted by unicornships. Aesthetic for Marinette Dupain-Cheng from Miraculous Ladybug. I accept 18+, non-con/dub-con, water sports, horror, yandere requests, concepts and headcanons. By @kittae Heavy Petting (M) Jimin x reader Favourites and Servants Taehyung x reader Tournée du Chat Noir Yoongi x reader Jin x reader (M) [untitled drabble] Jimin x reader [untitled drabble] *Another writing goddess, bless <3. End of all things (Chat Noir x witch!reader) Expand #mbav x reader #benny weir x reader #ethan morgan x reader #lucifer morningstar x reader #zane hijazi x reader #david dobrik x reader #masterlist #mazikeen x reader #rory keaner x reader #sean lew x reader #chat noir x reader #mlb x reader #adrien agreste x reader … Pairing: Chat Noir x Miraculous Holder! Male! Reader Style: Angst, Eventual Fluff ~~~~~ You were annoyed, to say the least. the transfer | part 1. When you nearly die, the true feelings you and Peter have for each other come to the surface. (Previously titled: Miraculous Lovers) As a fifteen-year-old girl, Y/n had no idea what to do once she stepped through the doors of her new high school, a place she was unaware of completely. Forced apology (contributed to) Started by @disorganizedkitten here . gojo jujutsu kaisen x reader jjk gojo gojou satoru x reader gojo satoru jjk imagines gojo satoru x . Cedarbeez. . requests // fic recs * - may contain possible trigger warnings ♡︎ - contains smut/sexual content ** writings that are requested or a reader fav are noted** SERIES: (A-Z) darling * ♡︎ : in which harry is a single dad and emilia is an art teacher (au) on hold Two Cats, One Heart (Chat Noir x Reader) Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug. fic / one-shot masterlist !Chat Noir / Adrien Agreste X reader • locked out of heaven (semi nsfw !) : Part One , part two (coming soon) • rich bitch : Part one , Part two , Part Three • Purring. It's Now or Never | My Muse [Marc Anciel x GN! Reader] My Muse [Marc Anciel x GN! Reader] Pairing: Marc Anciel x GN! Reader. New Journey (S. 106 notes. This went on for awhile. There was an alarm ringing by your head. . tumblr. Embarrassed and flustered, you give him a questioning look, glancing around at everyone nervously. THE SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME TRAILERRR. 2 years ago , 299 notes. kitty &amp; pyro Fanfiction Master List; With the arrival of Season Three nearly upon us; S2 fanfiction recommendation list; The Curse of Chat Noir Ch 3; Atlanta Georgia Business Lawyer; Ashley Bloomfield fan art reaches new level with romance novella; Transported Into The Pokemon World Fanfiction; Female teacher x male student reader wattpad The caretaker Crown Prince (main hero of the game) and reincarnated maiden love fantasy story, where the tricks and plot lines surrounding a villainess are intertwined. The battle for territory was useless right now. main masterlist. I don’t write yandere. Apr 02. after your encounter with Chat Noir at the brink of 2 in the morning, you barely slept a wink. “Now that you have been judged you shall now be my loyal servant to redeem yourself. one day he gets curious on a game called genshin . miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir a silent voice bnha cowboy bebop the arcana . ” Her voice was soft and when she gave him a sheepish smile, he had to hold himself back from pinning her down and forcing their mouth together. Masterlist I always love using other peoples Masterlists. NO NSFW AT ALL (that’s weird and i’m a minor) If my requests are closed please do not request anything. #khywae #themuse #chat noir x reader #chat noir #the muse fanart #rencie draws #the muse chat noir #I LOVE THIS FIC IS RIDICULOUS #he ended up looking way more femenine than i intended but I REGRET NOTHING #chat fan art #chat noir fanrt #chat #adrien agreste #adrien agreste fanart #adrien #adrien fan art #miraculous ladybug fan art #miraculous . When you first meet someone, it’s usually awkward, but with this one person, you don’t feel awkward, nervous, or anxious in the slightest. a/n: i’ve just realised that y/n isn’t even in this part lol but . you and hajime had decided to go on a walk. Akumas are one thing, but without Chat Noir, Ladybug would never be able to win against Hawk Moth. I won’t write anything that’s a sensitive topic, I don’t want to offend anyone. Miraculous Ladybug Wallpaper. 3 nov Keep reading. Miraculous Ladybug Cat Noir Adrian Agreste Chat Noir Adrian Agreste X Reader. chapter two - practice makes p𝖾𝗋fect. Masterlist Personally Made My Photography. Longing–Nino x Oblivious!Marinette–G–Nino couldn’t help but want to strangle Adrien. Adrien agreste cat noir chat noir adrien x reader chat noir x reader chat noir headcanons miraculous ladybug mlb. I just got us a bunch of sweets. Requests are OPEN. I also make shirts sometimes. H. Lady Justice managed to throw Ivan away from herself and materialised a new glowing orb and fired it at Ivan, causing him to become a black wolf with glowing eyes. okichkuakuaue liked this. Commissions closed! I can write X Readers for any of the Miraculers as well as the other classmates. Jungkook x reader. (Icon by the lovely https://1funn. Two Cats, One Heart (Chat Noir x Reader) Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug. present mike announced,as the obstacle course came to an end. Cheating crush x reader lemon ♤ > 2 days ago · The Ivy League college used its Canvas learning management system to conduct an audit of students' electronic devices after receiving a complaint of cheating from a faculty member. Pairing: Yoongi x reader Genre: hybrid!au, fluff (later), smut (later later) Words: 2. All it Takes is a Little Faith and Trust (Marc/Reverser x Adrien’s sister! Reader) Ivan Bruel. He loved her when she slept with a serene expression on her face, curled in a small fetal position, and clutched the corners of her duvet covers tightly as she would chew on her bottom lip. BUBBLEGUM HOLLAND’S MASTERLIST. #miraculous ladybug #ladybug and chat noir #tales of ladybug and cat noir #chat noir #cat noir #adrien agreste #adrien #aesthetic #aesthetic moodboard #moodboard #stimboard #blond hair #black #green #cats #character aesthetics #personally made #france #paris #x reader #adrien agrest x reader #adrien and plagg #adrien and marinette # . 1) (Nagito x Fem!Magical Girl! Reader!) [Madoka Magica AU] masterlist | previous < 06. The Admin is named Miss London or L'abeille, and she is a very lonely soul. ) Chapter 2 Season 2 Pairing: Steve Harrington x henderson!reader Summary: Y/N Henderson joins her brother’s little adventure and makes a new friend on the way. ~14 year old Y/n could have been just like any other teen, but she never got the chance. (also, i’d like to mention that i’m not a really a manga reader, so no spoilers, if possible!) i write fanfics (although they’re definitely not the best,) and i also like to read them! my wattpad is @alynoir , and i have some short pieces on here if you scroll far enough. Cat Noir X Reader Reader Insert Superpowers Superheroes Love Paris France Adrien Agreste X Reader Kwami Marinette Alya. - Calla. Let’s just say you started at 6pm and ended in early hours in the morning… autumn-sunflowers masterlist. If I feel uncomfortable with a request I will delete it. One more chance adrien agrestechat noir - miraculous ladybug. Rooftop meetings (GN! reader) You happen to meet a certain cat on the roof of your building. Commissions closed! search-bar said: I LOVE BONES HE IS SUCK A GRUMPY FLUFF BALL HE NEEDS ALL THE PROTECTION AND LOVE Answer: PREACH MY FRIEND. Requested: :O. :) ~ REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! -. I like that it keeps thing organaized. note: Okay so someone requested an edric blight x male reader headcanons but my dumbass accidentally deleted it so…here? also, these aren’t written in a particular order search-bar said: I LOVE BONES HE IS SUCK A GRUMPY FLUFF BALL HE NEEDS ALL THE PROTECTION AND LOVE Answer: PREACH MY FRIEND. Jan 13, 2021 - Explore felix dcosta's board "acrostic poems for friends" on Pinterest. Her life changed when she arrived in Paris, met her Kwami, and the hero Chat Noir. chapter one - chloe’s miraculous day. Plagg as a human Reference photo: See, that’s what the app is perfect for. She’s the daughter of the famous Rock Star, Jagged Stone. masterlist | previous < 06. noir-blanches-blog liked this . Corpse x Y/N - Desc: You, Valkyrae, and some of her friends are playing Among Us. Fanfiction Romance Reader Insert One Shot Oneshot Miraculous X Reader Miraculous Ladybug Adrien Agreste Chat Noir Chat Noir X Reader Adrien Agreste X Reader Adrien X Reader Aime-toi The moment he stepped into her room, Adrien could feel waves of sadness coming from the (f/c) bed, where his girlfriend was, huddled in numerous blankets. Max Kante. The Color in My Life (GN! Blind! reader) My Muse. March Madness (Drang vs Chat Noir) March Madness (Altair vs Eustace) 14 Unknown Lovers (Niyon) Reuniting with Old Friend (Eustace + Seruel) Christmas Prompts (Lucilius) Skool Luv Affair (Lucilius) Pocky Day (Lucio) Danganronpa: Holly Jolly Drabbles (Kaito) This is my Despair (Pt. Optimus hovers over you. Art. There was a sigh from the other side of the room, followed by fast writing, which was followed by furious scribbling and back to the sigh. I need a miraculous for today’s battle. I have some fan art for ghostgirl19! Browse through and read marinette and chat noir fanfiction stories and books. Even if it came to your, let’s say, strange relationship. He chooses Chat Noir as Marinette is the only one with a problem regarding his flirting. Spices waft through the crisp air like promises of change— cinnamon pumpkin ginger while tree leaves shift their fashions to maple syrup hues right before they drop down and perform rustling melodies in bunches across the ground To further the transformation corn mazes grow tall pumpkins show off carved grimaces and people assume disguises for spooky magical occasions Masterlist. pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader. 6k+ Warnings: The MC gets a lil sad, mentioned death of a family member, swears Notes: This was going to be a oneshot, then a two-shot, and now it’s a mess. Angst: * Fluff: <3. Chat noir hissed at her making her growl again in warning. Hawks x reader lemon tumblr. Celebrity Crush. (20 + X(X) years since he was revived as a vampire) Dazai’s Age: <100 years old. By @imaginethisbts Out of the Blue Mar 11, 2017 - Multifandom artist ~ INFJ ~ ♀ ~ July 12 ~ PLEASE EMAIL OR MESSAGE ME FOR PERMISSION TO USE MY ARTWORK! THANKS! ♡ About Me**FAQ's**Sideblog**Patreon**Ko-Fi**Commission Info**Fanfic Masterlist. pairing: zuko x fem!reader. Tumblr. Part Three. Chat noir miraculous ladybug adrien agreste x reader headcanon chat noir x reader love adrein headcannons headcanons adrien agreste x reader adrien x reader chat x reader fanficiton More you might like. by daddy 88K 3. monkey-d-tsuki liked this. In spring of 2018, Thanos snapped and wiped out half of all life. Sigh. la reine noir (chat noir ! chloe au) chloenette series. But I’d like to point out just how close these two events were, (the release of Old Town Road and the snap). warnings: mentions of a deceased animal but nothing too graphic :) a/n: this is so cute!! thank u bby <3. Cosmios-Aesthetics. aoba johsai masterlist. I'll see You at Sunset ( Chat Noir x Reader) - Chapter 6 Read Chapter 6 from the story I'll see You at Sunset ( Chat Noir x Reader) by the-shy-queen with 2,944 reads. If I’m not wrong, she went for Eiffel tower. adrien agreste marinette dupain cheng adrinette miraculous ladybug luka couffaine adrien x marinette miraculous fandom ladybug and chat noir ladybug ladynoir chat noir 34 notes May 28th, 2021 Open in app Chat noir hissed at her making her growl again in warning. 8K 14 Gabriel Agreste, upon request of his son, agreed to fund a one year trip to America - the country you currently reside in - for Adrien and his class. Beacons. Hawks x Reader (Movie Night) (lemon)😍🕊🕊 42. mcyt x reader dream smp x reader . I believe someone already mentioned this, but we know that Lil Nas X survived the snap because Shaun and Katy are singing Old Town road in a bar in Shang-Chi. Chat Noir x Male!Reader The Violinist 01 Chapter 1 You shifted nervously from foot to foot, drumming your fingers on the counter. 46 notes. Jul 3, 2019 - Hi all! I'm Audrey. Originally posted by leedsau. Chat Noir x Reader Lounge. MASTERLIST OF POSTS - my ao3 : x . misfits1a liked this. laven-derr liked this. Break (Lance Tucker x Reader) *SMUT* The reader is a gymnastics protege with a full ride to worlds and an adoring nation behind her. Video Games (f! reader) Howl Pendragon Be Mine Masterlist Main . Marinette goes back to get her diary, but when gets back to class room hears Adrien and . namjoon x reader college namjoon bts fic bts fluff . (XX years old at death + no more than a few weeks/months) Faust’s Age: <100 years old. He shut the door behind them, locking it, before he pushed her against the wall and knealing before her. blamelev liked this. Lukanette. masterlist don't read in polite company not so sfw alphabet alphabet requests. Part Four Luka x GN! reader) Chat Noir. (XX years old at death + no more than a few months. Chat Noir x Re. NO SMUT REQUESTS. Beautiful Trauma (MOB! Tom Holland X Reader) * Back to December (Ex! Tom Holland X Reader) * Cinderella (Tom Holland X Ex-Wife! Reader) * Made a Deal with the Devil (KOH! Tom Holland X Reader) 1/3. summary: when Y/N transferred to bssu she was excited to spend more time with her siblings, but she certainly didn’t expect to fall for her brother’s best friend. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Aidé de son sentimonstre Pharo, un œil géant et capable de forcer les gens à dire la vérité, il veut connaître le secret de Marinette… mais aussi ceux de Ladybug et Chat Noir pour le compte de Papillombre ! Luka could hardly contain his excitement Marinette and asked him what was up. Part Two. See more ideas about acrostic, miraculous ladybug comic, marinette. It was the perfect thing to exploit. miraculous ladybug fanfiction watching the show chat . Warning: poly relationship {Yoongi x Reader x Namjoon} Enjoy:)-What you really loved about yourself was that you never cared about other’s people opinion. chat noir chat noir x reader adrien agreste mlb adrien x reader miraculous ladybug. // Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter Always Together // Clint Barton x. A Dance with the Devil (KOH! Tom Holland X Reader) 2/3 I Fell in . this isn’t about you > next. he effortlessly mastered board games at a young age, won countless of video game tournaments at his adolescence, and is currently still unbeatable by those who challenge him. MASTERLIST Series Stranger Things: New Journey // Steve Harrington x Henderson!reader Imagines Marvel All that matters. night in school uniform ( kaminari denki x gn ! reader ) i’ll love you no matter what ( momo yaoyorozu x nonbinary ! reader ) * hurt / comfort & angst*. miraculous masterlist miraculous fanfic miraculous fanfiction miraculous fic chat noir x reader adrien agreste x reader ladybug x reader luka couffaine x reader 74 notes Apr 11th, 2021 Masterlist ~ I always love using other people’s Masterlist’s. side blog; @ . cosmios-aesthetics. Part Four Be Mine Masterlist Main . fanfic ladynoir fanfic ladybug x chat noir adrien x marinette . Character artist by day, fanartist always. Open . includes: h. Since then Y/n’s mom made her live with Adrian at his mansion and forever leaving her life. DISNEY/DREAMWORKS: I can write X Reader fics for characters in Frozen, Tangled, Rise of the Guardians, Brave, and How to Train . Here’s my masterlist and taglist if you want to be notified. summary: You and Peter have been best friends for years, fighting alongside each other as Avengers. genre: fluff. masterlist | previous < 01. I’ll be damned if this man doesn’t deserve the universe and all the. pairing: zuko x fem!reader summary: when Y/N transferred to bssu she was excited to spend more time with her siblings, but she certainly didn’t expect to fall for their best friend. When she gets a new coach, she gets assigned Coach Tucker, who not only trains her like hell, but also finds the small details about her absolutely addictive. the weather was pretty nice, not . Let’s get to the plan. guerrerosharai P. Mar 3, 2017 - Part 1 (you are here) / (Part 2) / (Part 3) / (Part 4) PART 1 IS FINALLY HERE!!! This comic is from @insanitysbloomings ‘ fanfic “Back To Us,” which takes place 7 years after Hawk Moth’s defeat and. The annoying, incessant buzzing causing you to grumble as you rolled over, one hand out, tapping around to find the source of the noise. Sweets. #miraculous ladybug #ladybug and chat noir #tales of ladybug and cat noir #ladybug #marinette #marinette dupain-cheng #aesthetic #aesthetic moodboard #france #paris #red #moodboard #stimboard # . Having two boyfriends wasn’t a normal thing for everyone, but as long as you and your boyfriends were happy, you didn’t care. A lounge where you can read my shame and even request that I write some writes for catboy. She loves him. iwaizumi x gn!reader. Waiting in the Wings–Alya x Adrien, PG–Alya knows she should stop this, but she can’t. The Masterlist is Updated! . TOM HOLLAND. After Chat Noir’s heroing being so inconsistent Marinette gives Fu the choice the cat or her. Follow. Alright. the beauty of reality master list/synopsis [various! genshin x isekai!reader][no game no life inspired/au] [y/n] was destined to become the best gamer since his birth. Masterlist . Last Updated: 3/03/21 One Shots . God dammit. “O-oh, uhm. chapter three - chloe doesn’t like group projects. Occasionally, she would whimper once or twice as if she . Please stop. #marinette x reader #chat noir x reader . Join the leader in online dating services and find a date today. This is exactly what it says. narrowly avoided death by boomerang > next. ” she said commandingly as she looked at the wolf. Dating general hux would include - Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Love [Yandere! Chat Noir] [Reader-Insert] Chat Noir loved [Name], no matter what. Aesthetic for Adrien Agreste from Miraculous Ladybug. 530 notes. chaotic creations. noir, pu. Summary: Y/n Ross and Adrian Agreste are childhood best friends, they’ve been through thick and thin, including losing their mom, and dad. chat noir x reader masterlist